Italian-Grill Refurbishment

Total Kitchen Services are proud to have been a part of Italian-Grills refurbishment.

Italian-Grill which is run and owned by Gareth and Sarah Bird.  This is one of our smaller and valued customers for over 20 years.italian-grill-restaurant-stalybridge

Gareth was the Pastry Chef at Etrop Grange where at the time we maintained all the kitchen equipment.  When Gareth left he opened his first restaurant called the Stables Bistro and we were his first choice for all his kitchen maintenance.  We have stayed true to Chefs like Gareth who have been with us for many years, some have been promoted up the ranks to lead some of the Northwests finest hotels and others like Gareth have taken the entrepreneur route of opening their own restaurants.

One thing has always reminded the same that chefs have grown to know they can rely on total kitchen services.


I have used John and Chris in my own restaurants for over 20 years now and and say I have no reason to ever look for another catering maintenance company.  I have a small maintenance contract for peace of mind and know I have one less worry to deal with leaving me to manage of other day to day duties.

I recently refurbished my restaurant extensively to include a brand new them and name change from Flamin nosh to Italian-Grill, I expected or hoped for a massive increase in trade from my investment, John and Chris came round and made some suggestions for fabrication and wall cladding along with a additional mini-service just to make sure my kitchen was in tip top condition ready for the increased business, business has been great and I very much appreciate there input and support.

I would have not hesitation in recommending Total Kitchen services.

Italian-Grill Stalybridge, Cheshire. SK13 6YN   T: 0161 338 5555

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